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Astrology Birth Chart Reading

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This is an archetypal portal into soul / psyche. Reconnect to the bigger picture of your soul journey, understand yourself objectively and validate your experiences with more grace. Your astrology chart is the map of the lens in which you cyclically create and perceive reality, so understanding this naturally leads to greater presence and intuitive connection.

Sessions can focus on a specific topic or kept general, as they're meant to truly help you! We can cover your soul and life journey, purpose, career, relationships, challenges and opportunities, shadows and gifts, current influences in your life or upcoming timing, a specific challenge or change, understanding your subjective experiences, etc.

You are innately complex and have inner contradictory characteristics (you are much more than just your Sun sign or any superficial labels!). You have various archetypes buried within you, perking up at different times and in different ways, and buried within at others. Your astrology gives you the ability to understand this complexity of self and give awareness & meaning to every part of you. 

We also often hide our unique gifts out of fear or conditioning - what are your gifts for the world? 

I primarily look at your birth chart, solar return, and transits. Sessions are 1-hour live over Zoom and can be recorded. After an initial reading, you can book additional sessions at any time for a reduced client rate, including coaching

"I’m still spinning from our reading yesterday. I wanted to reach out and say thank you. You really made me feel okay with embracing the unknown that is in front of me at the moment. Thank you for embracing my energy and what I brought into the session with me."

– S.A.

"This was absolutely amazing. I really really appreciate it! So much of that resonated so deeply. Thank you again :) "

– E.S.

"I had a wonderful experience.  Your astrology is more than just a recreational use; it's empowering, eye-opening, and truly invaluable. I'm eager to schedule another session to dive deeper into other areas of my birth chart, as I found it fascinating and highly applicable to my daily life!"

– F.S.

"Susan did a solar return overview for me, which was very illuminating. I learned about aspects of my natal chart I had not been clear about before and these were so validating to me as I undergo a period of profound transition in all aspects of my life. Her insight imbued me with confidence in the direction I’m going and hope for a positive outcome. Understanding where I can experience flow instead of friction is key to empowerment and success."

– L.W.

"Thank you so much again for such an informative reading! Really appreciated all the insights!"

– S.H.

"My reading was awesome. The information covered regarding my career path and timeline helped clarify a lot of what I was feeling and dealing with, and reduced my stress level on outcomes and timelines. I was able to see a much larger view of my situation and understand the timing of my plans, which allowed me to be more present and creative in my work. She even touched on an aspect of myself that was so new and recent to me that I was completely surprised she was able to see it so clearly. Overall, I gained much-needed perspective, and because of this, I am able to be more present with my projects vs worrying about the future. I now feel confident and at ease with my plans."

– B.M.

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