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Astrology for personal transformation + transpersonal wisdom


Enter into the mysteries and feed your soul.

The more awareness we have of the energies and archetypes of our experience, the more mindful we can be, and mindfulness is the foundation for all healing. Otherwise, the unconscious takes over and we relinquish our power to our fears, pasts, and conditioning. But you can transform this unconscious patterning by finding your true Self - peeling through all the layers to connect to your own inner knowing and to the bigger picture. Then let what you find there pour out into every part of your life.


An archetypal portal into soul / psyche. Get to know the bigger picture of your soul journey and understand yourself and your experiences objectively and with more grace. Your astrology chart is the map of the lens in which you create and perceive reality, so understanding this naturally leads to greater presence and self knowing. Sessions can focus on a specific topic or kept general, and I take a holistic approach.


Learn in a personal setting how to meditate on your own, without the need of a guide, guru, or technology. Sessions are adapted to your experience and comfort level and can cover mindfulness meditation, mantra meditation, breath coaching, and more.


Psychosynthesis is a spiritual psychology and through its tools I'll guide you in connecting to the depths of your complexity and true essence. Sessions are specific to your goals but can be exploratory in nature for those seeking authentic self. Along with mindfulness and somatics, we can utilize astrology to help you articulate your various parts, true values and purpose, so we can work towards greater inner harmony and collect the pieces we lost.

Sessions are all virtual. Please reach out for in-person services at Balance Arts Center in Manhattan.

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The Astrology Journal

Daily journal for reflection and gratitude alongside the ebb and flows of nature's rhythm.