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Hi, welcome. I'm Susie Reis


Astrologer + transpersonal coach

The Cyclical Seed is my ex-voto of sorts. I'm an archetypal and evolutionary astrologer, both psychological and spiritual, using the western tropical zodiac and primarily whole sign houses. I also use Ancient Hellenistic Astrology and to a lesser extent Jyotish (Vedic Astrology).

Astrology is an eternal and universal language of Nature's patterning, used to understand both the micro and macrocosm. I offer it as a guide to help reconnect with Self through uncovering all your parts. My intention is to help you see the bigger picture, connect to your inner wisdom, and gain freedom from the cycles of your own mind and emotional body - I don't want to just get you obsessed with astrology!

I’m a Certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, Certified Mantra Meditation Teacher, Reiki Master, soon-to-be Certified Psychosynthesis Life Coach, Certified Integrative Somatics Trauma Coach, have a Certificate in Buddhist Psychology, a Trauma-Sensitive HeartMath Certification, and a soon-to-complete graduate certificate in Jungian Studies & Analytical Psychology.

I'm forever learning and going down rabbit holes, I lean most on my own personal contemplation, I'm a Pluto-in-Scorpio Millennial, and I live in New York City.

The temple door is narrow but enter into the mysteries to meet what's within that knows, that heals, and that never breaks. Everything else is just a bandaid.

Thanks for reading xx

The Art of Self-Unfoldment

Stable in space ∞