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The Reverse Law and the Realization of Mindful Detachment

The Reverse Law and the Realization of Mindful Detachment

It's easy to get so caught up in manifesting that you're not living in the now so are instead planting negative seeds.

Longing for something in the future can itself be a negative experience in the present. But negative causes will produce negative effects.

This is where the popular modern interpretation of manifestation can get caught up. 

If you feel stuck or frustrated with seeking a specific desire, ask yourself if your attachment to that specific desire is creating a mindset that is actually planting negative seeds.


Have you tied your self-worth to something you don't have?

Have you tied your happiness to something not within you?

Instead, try to avoid attachment to the desire (the type of attachment that produces the negative mindset and ties your own worth to it). Find gratitude and joy in the present moment, with what is right in front of you. Continue co-creation through positive action. And keep your self-worth out of it.

"The only zen you find at the tops of mountains is the zen you bring there." -Robert Pirsig

What seeds will you bring with you?

-the cyclical seed

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