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A Supercharged Scorpio Full Moon: Embodied Alchemy

A Supercharged Scorpio Full Moon: Embodied Alchemy

The Scorpio full moon, every Taurus season, holds deep transformational and alchemical power. But when the moon comes as an eclipse, like this May 2023, it accelerates this power. 

Scorpio is a fixed sign associated with transformation & regeneration. It's not a mutable sign; Scorpio doesn't change but transforms. You have to have a fixed sense of yourself or a deep awareness of a shadow or pain to morph what's there into something else. That's alchemy. Bringing what's unconscious to the conscious to transform.

The Taurus/Scorpio axis is the ultimate birth & rebirth or alchemy process: Taurus, the spring bloom, and Scorpio, the fall leaves changing colors & turning over.

This is why Scorpio's familiar isn't just the scorpion, but the phoenix, rising from the ashes. Buddhists believe it's the Scorpio full moon (always under a Taurus sun) that Buddha was both born and reached nirvana under. That's the inner transformational power here.

The Scorpio full moon that you look up to now is the same moon that the Buddha meditated and reached enlightenment under, if you believe in that sort of thing or just the metaphor it gives us. This is the moon he beat his demons and the illusions of his own mind under ("mara" in Buddhism).

So, remember to turn your gratitude inward and try to avoid judging your emotions - easier said than done of course but remember that even the buddha had inner demons. His mara never went away either - it's under the Scorpio full moon that he committed himself to continual liberation from his own thoughts and to embrace his suffering as power for something more.

The collective purpose and destiny with this cycle has been the revelation of shadows to transform cycles & patterns. Now we seek to step out of our transformation, move forward, and find our own personal value system not defined by the expectations of others.

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will rule your life and you will call it fate.” -Carl Jung

So don't let it rule your life.


-the cyclical seed

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