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When the Internet Tells You to Release What Doesn't Serve You at the Full Moon

When the Internet Tells You to Release What Doesn't Serve You at the Full Moon

Every full moon, we read countless posts and articles telling us to "release,” “let go," and "release what doesn't serve you." Self-help is filled with these phrases too. But what does this actually even mean and how can it actually be practiced?

Some ideas...

1. The Dichotomy of Control

This is a core concept of Stoicism. What you can't control or what's not wholly in your personal power and influence can be let go of. Save your energy for what you do have control over and trust the universe with the rest.

2. What's Not You

Many of our anxieties are caused by trying to be like others or by holding the expectations of others that are not aligned with who we really are and what we really seek.

Do you really want right now what you're anxious about not having, or do you just feel like you're supposed to have it right now because others do or because society tells you that?

Get to know yourself well enough to know the real answer to this question. Then let go what's not aligned with you.

3. Attachment

The idea of detachment doesn't mean not having meaningful connections. It means not attaching your self-worth or your happiness to what's not within you and what's not here now. Let go of the attachment to "I'll be happy only when I have this or that."

4. Old Patterns, Fears, Limiting Beliefs, Protection Strategies that Limit Us,...

This is obviously a big one but, like anything, it starts with awareness and an intention. Look within yourself and acknowledge where you've been your own roadblocks.

5. The Past and The Future

The past is unchangeable and the future is hypothetical. All that really exists is the present moment, the now.

-the cyclical seed

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