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Fibonacci Golden Mean Ratio Spiral, aka The Cyclical Seed

7 Natural Laws to Master Your Mind & Perspective

These 7 laws are often associated with ancient Hermeticism. They're actually from a book titled The Kybalion by an unknown author ("the three initiates") about 100 years ago. But they're labled in the book as Hermeticism, Hermetic inspired, and the tag has just sort of stuck at this point, so we'll roll with it. 

These laws philosophically fit into Hermeticism, particularly the law of correspondence, but without the deeper spiritual landscape and philosophy. These laws, and The Kybalion, focus on mastering the mind, which is a valuable pursuit on its own.

If we can understand our thoughts, we can control our thoughts. If we can control and master our thoughts, we can seek what's behind them. Mindfulness has actually nothing to do with using your mind more, but about mastering your mind and being consciously aware of what's beyond it. So, these laws help guide us towards a more mindful awareness. 

Master your mind to seek liberation from your mind. This is The Cyclical Seed's take and ideas on the seven laws.

All is in the mind. The universe is mental. This is the power of mindfulness.

Law of Correspondence
As above, so below. As within, so without. The cosmos and us dance together. And what you see in others is what you see in yourself.

Law of Vibration
All is energy. What your subconscious seeks is seeking you. This is where the mainstream ideas of the "law of attraction" comes from, I assume. But we don't manifest or attract just from the tip of our minds. Our energy is much deeper than that. If you don't know yourself or you haven't peeked at your shadows, then you'll let everything you bury within you vibrate and do the attracting for you.

Law of Polarity
Duality. Nothing exists without an opposite. Yin & Yang. We ebb and flow through life in the name of evolution. To experience the ups is to know the downs. 

Law of Rhythm
Everything is cyclical. So, this too shall pass, for better or worse. Everything we know comes in cycles and we live within cycles within cycles within cycles. Better to ride the waves than try to fight them.

Law of Cause & Effect
Every effect is from a cause and was created. Nothing is random. Every action is a seed planted. This highlights the important of the present moment and to not plant negative seeds in the name of manifestation.

Law of Gender
The inner balance between divine feminine and sacred masculine energies. This one seems to get wildly misunderstood these days but it doesn’t have anything to do with actual gender. It’s ultimately just about balancing dual inner yin & yang energies - think, left and right brain, feeling and thinking, or any polarizing internal conflict. 


-the cyclical seed

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