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The Lunar Nodes, Individuation & Evolution, and Being a Paradox

The Lunar Nodes, Individuation & Evolution, and Being a Paradox

The Lunar Nodes

The North & South Node of the Moon are the two opposing mathematical points where the moon's orbit around the earth crosses the ecliptic plane.

The two opposite points (180° away) spend about 1.5 years in each zodiac sign. They move clockwise or in retrograde around the zodiacal wheel, pushing us to grow into the seasons we just passed and learned from. Since they move this direction, they start at 29° instead of zero and working their way up. 29° is the anaretic degree in astrology, representing the end of a cycle. This gives eclipses their "doors close so new ones can open" energy.

The Shift

The North Node shifts July 17, 2023 from Taurus to Aries and the South Node from Scorpio to Libra. This new cycle started with the Aries solar eclipse in April, but the nodes officially change signs now. They'll dip back into Scorpio/Taurus in October for a final Taurus lunar eclipse. We're shifting from working on resources, values, and shedding old skin to the ultimate balance of "I" and "we."

Our Soul Memory + Journey

The lunar nodes, connected to the moon of our inner emotions, are important evolutionary indicators in a chart. The South Node represents what our soul is more innately familiar and comfortable with, whereas the North Node represents our soul's evolutionary path.

The Paradox

The nodes come in opposing pairs, with the south node being typically easier energy and the north node often considered destiny. If you move in one direction without incorporating the lessons from the opposition, then you end up chasing your own tail and repeating the same cyclical patterns. Opposing forces create tension within us but this is a double edge sword though as we both need the tension to grow and we need to integrate the tension to seek harmony.

The Paradox that Breaks Duality

This is what the individuation process is ultimately - not simply moving from one archetype to another, but becoming un-archetype-able by being one big oxymoron. Balancing opposing forces to create a new paradoxical harmony within you that breaks duality. This creates a whole new archetype for the collective - this is evolution. The evolutionary path of the nodal axis is not simply going from one sign to another but balancing the opposition, integration, and becoming the paradox.

Aries/Libra Axis

Aries is bold, independent, freedom-seeking, self-creation energy. Assertive, defensive, and honest.

Libra is harmony-seeking, encouraging the middle path. Relationships, love, and getting our needs met from others.

The paradox of this axis is that "everything is within you" but it's also through our relationships with others that we can continue to create ourselves and find new pieces of ourselves. We individuate (Aries) so we can bring harmony to our relationships (Libra) and love (not just people please) and unionize (not just get lost in others).


Seek to embody the opposing forces of "I" and "we" harmoniously.

Be a paradox.


-the cyclical seed

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