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Fate or Free Will and Three Thousand Realms

Fate or Free Will and Three Thousand Realms

Fate or free will is actually a silly question. Free from what or from whom? If you can't answer the latter question than the former question is simply just the wrong question. 

This is a bit of a paradox but so is everything of real value. 

What is fate? We are all born into something when we start our lives, we are born with a specific birth chart, into a specific family, with specific traits, and have had specific & unique experiences, etc. This is fate, destiny, whatever you want to call it. It would be foolish to ignore this. Most people don't actually deny fate exists; they'll just argue against it to direct their will somewhere other than Understanding that some of the hardest parts of your life can be seen in your chart, fated, is actually quite liberating. You can find grace for yourself knowing that you didn't do anything wrong and that those moments will lead you to your greatest evolutionary steps. Other moments or encounters that seem fated can be immensely powerful and joyful - the blissful feeling of living in alignment.

Quantum physics is based on the idea that everything is predetermined, other than random quantum jumps that can't be influenced by us or otherwise they wouldn't be random. But this theory only proves the interconnectedness of all things. And, perhaps more importantly, who is doing the determining?

What is free will? If you know yourself well enough, then you can catch yourself in the present moment and in the present moment you will always present yourself with new options and new possibilities. This space is "free will." This is where you consciously choose how you react to the world. Free will is how you respond to your karma (karma as in cause & effect, not a form of punishment). Free will is the space between life happening and your response.

Three thousand realms in a single moment of life.
-The Lotus Sutra

The present moment is where the construct of time & space no longer exist. This is where our binds are broken. The present moment is the field of infinite possibilities and pure potential. 
So many people are wary of astrology because they don't like the idea that something else is choosing their life (that they don’t have control). Astrology should be just the opposite though; it should be freeing. Astrology helps us get to know ourselves better and to clearly face our own patterns and fears that can hold us back. We let the shadows or conditioning take over otherwise - creating an imbalance within us. Astrology helps us find the place between life happening and our otherwise default reaction. It also helps us better understand the collective and the world around us. Part of that understanding though is realizing we are indeed part of nature, so nature's cycles apply to us too.
The more you understand yourself, the more mindful you can be. As you expand your awareness (aware of your own default reactions and aware of the world around you), then you open up to see all the infinite possibilities you may have otherwise missed. We open our awareness and our hearts to true unbounded potential, to the totality of the universe.
If we are living from our hearts (being an expanded and elevated consciousness seeking unity), living with integrity and authentically ourselves and not the layers we often try to cover ourselves up with, then we are aligned with nature.
When we're aligned with nature in this way, we will always know what the right option for us is.
Fate and free will become the same. All becomes one.
The idea of unity consciousness and the collapse of the brain's construct of time and space in the present moment isn't necessarily the most constructive way to look at this for everyone though. We want to avoid either over intellectualizing spiritual concepts or losing touch with reality & being grounded.
So simple rules to remember if the above makes your head spin:
If you can find the present moment, then you will always present yourself with new options and new possibilities.
If you are living from your heart, then you will always be in alignment with nature.
More productive questions to ask yourself other than "fate or free will?"...
  • What does my heart want?
  • Is this or that what I really want or do I just think I want that because everyone else does? Do I really want it right now or do I just think I do because society said this is the age I should have it?
  • What patterns do I keep repeating, big or small, and what can I learn from them?
  • What tools help me find the mental space before my reaction, so I can consciously choose how I want to respond?
  • Where am I putting my energy and what are my intentions? What's the distance between them?
  • Have I accepted that I am part of nature, so nature's cycles apply to me too?

I believe that most of the events, people, or circumstances in our lives that give us a feeling of fate or destiny are not actually fate in our understanding of the word. They are memories. Similarly, prophecies are a mix of memories and requests. 

But wait, requests from whom? 𖦹

-the cyclical seed


(Photo by Sarah Meyohas as part of her series "Speculations")

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