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The Sun, Solar Flares, & Our Protective Energy Field

The Sun, Solar Flares, & Our Protective Energy Field

The Sun's activity, beginning in 2023, is the most important astrological event this decade that astrologers never talk about. We know that the Sun is the most important body in astrology so when its activity changes so drastically, so do we. This is a time to prioritize your whole self, including your energetic body, open your heart, and let the light in. 

The Cycles of the Sun

Like the planets and the Moon, our Sun also has a cycle. The solar cycle is about 11 years and these cycles roll up into much larger ones. Every 11 years, the Sun’s magnetic field reverse (north and south poles swap) and this continuously goes back and forth. Every cycle peaks and has a Solar Maximum, where the Sun intensifies its energy and magnetic fields, and then a lower limit called the Solar Minimum. The 11 year cycle is never the same as the previous cycle. But the cycles of the last century plus have increasingly seen stronger and stronger Solar Maximums. The next Solar Maximum was predicted for 2025 but we are now entering this phase earlier than expected and are already seeing record-breaking geomagnetic storms from the Sun.

From our perspective on Earth, Solar Maximums mean more solar flares, more coronal mass ejections, more geomagnetic storms, more heat, and our Sun just generally admitting a lot more energy. This year’s increase in aurora sightings and aurora sightings in unusual southern locations, for example, are due to this phase and pickup. Anything related to Earth’s magnetic field is also impacted from compasses to the electric grid.

But what does this mean for us?

Our Sun is our star.

It makes up more than 99% of the mass in our solar system. It’s our life force, our vitality, and our consciousness. The source of clear light in which the zodiac or ecliptic plane turn into infinite color combinations.

When the Sun changes, so do we.

We are already seeing changes across the planets of our solar system. Mars, Jupiter, Neptune,.. they are all changing from their atmospheric pressure, their climate, and events our current understanding of science can't explain.

In the midst of any change, it can bring uncertainty, chaos, and confusion. It is ultimately heightened energy. So if you’re living reactively and letting unconscious patterns run the show, then this will only be heightened. But the change also brings with it an increase in light, vibrancy, and an opportunity for higher vibrations.

A New Paradigm

This is part of a collective energy shift and overlaps with the larger ingression into the Age of Aquarius/Leo. In the Human Design system, which is derived almost entirely from astrology, the concept of the "New Paradigm of 2027" also overlaps with this period and is a collective transition into a new incarnation cross (which is the nodal axis, Sun, and Earth relative positions).

Everything changes and this is just another change. 

But the Sun is light and so you are. We need to be open to this change.

The Heart of the Sun & the Heart Center

There was a recent study linking heart variability to “better adaptation to the impact of these geomagnetic storms.” This might be surprising to scientists. But we know in astrology that the Sun, like Leo, represent our heart and our heart center. An increase surge of energy to the heart requires a heart that is open enough to contain it. A heart that is flexible, open, and ready to bend. From heart break to love to open-mindedness to physical health, this is how we create this flexibility.

Observe, Don't Absorb

Are you observing or absorbing astrology? Are you noting the astrological transits and events around you or are you obsessing and breathing chaos into your field? Do you fight the cosmic forces or do you let them flow through you like a wave moving in and out of the ocean? What are you holding on to that no longer serves a purpose for you? The Sun impacts our circadian rhythm. Prioritize a healthy nervous system and being able to center yourself regardless of the events happening around you.

Your Energetic Field

To understand how the solar flares will impact us personally, it helps to understand how the solar flares are impacting Earth. Ultimately (and initially), the intensity of the solar flares and geomagnetic storms are damaging the Earth's magnetic field. This is the protective field around Earth that is being pounded with solar flares and, over time, begins breaks down. This break down in the outer protective layer of the Earth is what opens the door to potentially more damaging effects to Earth.

Just like the Earth, you have an electromagnetic field that acts as an outer protective barrier. The beginning years of this period will first impact this outer field. Beyond your physical body is the subtle body which is this field. The subtle body is composed of light & sound and the Sun is injecting light our way.

There are various ancient and modern systems that describe this energy field and how to balance yours. In shamanic cultures across the world, power losses and soul losses, for example, are the result of imbalanced or lost energy in the subtle bodies due to the effects of unhealed negative experiences. We live in a material world that has lost its connection to what we can't see with our eyes.

This is a time to prioritize your whole self, including your energetic body. Sit in meditation with yourself, with your own field, get to know it, and learn what you might need to attend to. Develop a relationship with yourself beyond the physical to truly care for yourself and others.

Eternal Light

There is a source of light within you that is eternal and unbreakable. Be willing to answer the call to self. This transition is demanding more individuation. More alignment with cosmic will. 

-the cyclical seed

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