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Letting Go & the Shadow of Astrology

Letting Go & the Shadow of Astrology

There are endless powerful, positive uses of astrology but every light has a shadow. And there is a prominent compulsive stream that runs through astrology that is driven out of fear of the unknown and a need for control.

Like any shadow, if we bring light to it, we can mindfully catch ourselves from using it this way.

Astrology should teach you that you do not have control. You control your responses.

It should help you connect to your own intuition and inner knowing. To realize your piece of the cosmic order. To expand your awareness so you aren’t afraid of the unknown because you know who you are.

Letting go is the hardest thing we can do. That’s why most of us don’t, we instead grasp for a false sense of control and use astrology to do so. Letting go is a lot less fun of a message but it’s much better advice.

Your timing is not divine if you calculate when is the easiest time to do something or what time to avoid because of potential challenges.

Divine timing is trusting yourself, and therefore the universe who made you. It’s plunging into the depths of the human experience, guided by intuition and universal connection.

Otherwise, it’s your ego seeking to control outcomes.

The planets will serve as your compulsions as long as you seek to control them.

But the more you surrender, the more your intuition and own knowing will grow...

Wisdom is always a paradox.

Astrology should bring you more wonder, not less.

In Zen, they use what’s called koans, which appear to be absurd questions that don’t make sense and aren’t meant to be answered. Alan Watts described their purpose: “going down into one’s own inner, secret place and asking there for a direct encounter with the world.”

I don’t believe you need a koan to do this because life presents koan opportunities to us regularly!

It’s through the unknowable mysteries that we can encounter our true essence, that which can’t be broken.

“The wise man defeats his planets, which is to say, his past, by transferring his allegiance from the creation to the Creator.” -Sri Yukteswar

The real philosopher’s stone -

Let go before you’re forced to let go and live forever, stable in space.



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